The Hardwood Furniture Guild is a privately held non-profit committee within the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce. The Guild seeks to promote and market domestically manufactured home furnishings of unparalleled value and quality, while providing customers with superior service and integrity. The Guild relies on our membership to drive initiatives and provide support.

As such, we’d like to invite you to become a member of The Hardwood Furniture Guild.


As a member, you will receive exclusive benefits:

  • A full-color page in our Buyer Resource, an 88-page printed catalog sent to over 10,000 buyers across the nation
  • A page in our website catalog
  • Access to member meetings and seminars about a variety of relevant industry topics
  • Exposure to over 800 buyers who attend the Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market biannually
  • A members-only discount on your booth
  • Networking opportunities with fellow builders and suppliers
  • The potential to market collectively to buyers by combining resources with fellow members
  • The peace of mind in ensuring the future health of the hardwood furniture industry both locally and nationally


Call 877-643-8824 to become a member today!